Hybeko RS-85XC ( Rockscaler boom lift with drilling rig )

Hybeko-Rockscaler 28 m boomlet is specially made and approved for mountain and safety work. Lifting capacity is max. 454 kg. The boomlift is equipped with a detachable air-fed Rock Drill from Terox AS. This makes it possible to drill up to three times as efficiently as with knee feeders. The machine has an aluminum basket where all basket parts are replaceable. Operators can bring extra drills and easily work towards both sides. Vibrations are also virtually eliminated during the drilling operation, Hybeko RS-85XC is also equipped with an integrated air and water hose as well as a towbar for pulling the compressor and power supply. In addition, the lift has an approved lifting hook with lifting yoke for safety nets, as well as a protecting roof in the basket.

Product details

  • Lenght: 12,80 m
  • width: 2,49 m
  • Width basket W/drill rig: 2,90 m
  • Height: 2,80 m
  • *Weight: 18 175 kg

* The machine weight varies with the selected equipment. See the Serial Number Label for machine weight.

  • Aluminum basket with replaceable parts
  • Protective roof
  • Lifting hook with lifting yoke for safety nets
  • Reflex tape Chassis/basket
  • Padded bumpers for impact resistance
  • Stand for drill rods
  • Stand for crow bar
  • Boom Wipers seals
  • Air and water hose to basket
  • Protective bellows on cylinders
  • LED worklights
  • AC Power cord to basket
  • Fire extinguisher chassis 6 kg
  • Active oscillation
  • Extreme lifting capacity
  • Rock Drill complete with air hoses, in line lubricator and control panel
  • Shock absorber in wood
  • Lifting yoke for safety nets
  • Tow bar for Air compressor
  • Power supply 3 kw
  • Oil pan heater with battery charger
  • LED Driving lights Forward and backward
  • Large storage cabinet with Robsol bucket (Oil absorber)

Information and offers

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