Privacy Policy

Collection and use of personal data

Hybeko's website only collects personal information that you provide to us. An example of such information may be a name, phone number, email address, which you provide if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, sign up for an event or fill in a form to download a document or request a quote .Personal information you share when filling out a form on the product pages. Will only be used to answer your request and will be deleted when your inquiry has been answered.

You can rest assured that we handle your personal information in a safe and secure manner.


Cookies are small text files that contain a string of characters, giving your browser a unique identity. The identity can be used to recognize you and, for example, customize the content of web pages to what you were interested in at last visit to our website. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies.
However, you can change your browser settings to make your browser refuse cookies generally, block third party cookies or set when a cookie is to be accepted.

How can I avoid cookies?

You can block cookies while accessing most of the content, but be aware that some functionality on the web pages may not work. To reserve yourself against the use of cookies, you must change the security settings in your browser. How to handle cookies in the most common browsers can be read here:

pixel Tags

are script (s) that run when a user enters a web page or opens an email. The actual pixel is not visible and can only be seen in the HTML address of the website or e-mail. The pixel causes your browser to get a unique identity. As in the same way as "cookies", it can be used to customize content on sites you visit. For more information about cookies and how they work, read more at

Data access and deletion

You have the right to claim access and may require that the personal information stored with us be deleted. A claim for the deletion of your personal information can be made by contacting us via email.
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